Yellow for Kitchen Decoration

It is already identical that bright colored room decoration cannot emerge the atmosphere of calmness of softness. Those kinds of atmosphere are usually represented by white, cream, grey, and other soft tones. Bright colors like red, yellow, or orange are often avoided since it is considered too ‘brave’ and ‘striking’. However, if you still want to play with colors in for your room decor, you are still able to do it. All you need to do is to balance the color choice so you can still present warmth and softness in your room. Here we provide you with some tips on yellow kitchen decor to brighten up your kitchen.


Variety of Yellow

Yellow is thought to be too eye-catching and even tends to be inconvenient when it is applied in a house decor. There are a lot of yellow variants, start from the bold one until the lightest one. If you do not want to apply the striking one, you can choose yellow which tends to be ivory, cream, gold, or even bronze to keep the elegance.

Apply It to Certain Objects

You are also supposed to apply yellow on certain objects only. Although you make yellow the dominant one, you are still recommended to smartly select which yellow objects you are going to put in your kitchen. For the alternatives, you might apply yellow for the cabinets, rugs, the tiles or the ornaments. The ornaments which might suit your kitchen are like flowers, vase, or the pots where you put the plants. It is also great if you use yellow for your cutlery.

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Balance It with Suitable Tones

To create the balance and harmony of the colors, you need to combine the yellow with other suitable tones. If you still insist on using bright colors, you can combine your yellow kitchen decor with green or red ornaments. Applying the combination of green and yellow, such as lime is also a great idea. Besides, it is also suggested to present the neutral colors in your kitchen to be combined with the yellow stuff.

You can apply white, as the most neutral tone, light grey, or wooden chairs or tables.


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