What You Should Know about Italian Kitchen Wall Décor

Italian kitchen is very attractive. It is because most of Italian kitchens involve traditional and dramatic concepts which make a kitchen very comfortable. Besides, most of Italian people tend to create kitchen atmosphere which can increase the appetite. Not to mention, even though it might not be really related, but we all know that Italia is the land of tasty foods. Don’t you think it will be so great to make the kitchen to be in such design just to bring the idea and essence that many delicious foods will be made in the kitchen that you have. Yes, it seems very interesting to apply Italian kitchen concept. However, before you begin, it is necessary for you to know a few things about Italian kitchen wall décor.

Italian Kitchen Wall Décor Focuses on Earth Tones

The first thing you should know about Italian wall décor for kitchen is that this wall décor concept focuses more on the use of earth tones. Remember that you are going to make the kitchen become more in traditional look. Absorbing the warmth of earth tones is the essence of applying Italian wall decoration. It means that most of the wall decorations involved in Italian kitchen includes earth colors, such as brown, cream, black, red, and orange. Those warm colors makes Italian kitchen look cozy and homey. Furthermore, to support the wall color, it is good for you to involve proper light shade. White and warm orange lighting shades are highly recommended for Italian kitchen. Those lighting shades work well with Italian earth tone decoration and even Italian-style back splash wall.

Italian kitchen wall décor photo

Italian Kitchen Wall Décor Focuses on Dramatic Flair

The next thing you should know about Italian kitchen wall décor is that the wall décor focuses on dramatic flair. You know, Italian concept is one of the oldest decoration concepts in the world. Most of Italian decorations involve traditional but royal arts. It really makes sense that Italian wall décor for kitchen also involves the same concept. To create dramatic flair in your Italian kitchen, you can make use of textured wall decoration, framed Italian painting, and Italian ceramic decoration, for example ceramic plates, ceramic pots, and so on.

Italian kitchen tends to look traditional than modern. However, you can still decorate your Italian kitchen for more modern look. To do that, you only need to pick simpler pieces of decoration. Besides, you can choose contemporary Italian wall décor idea for sure.


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