What to Put to Create a Shabby Chic Kitchen


When it comes to decorating a kitchen, it can be something exciting yet challenging. To choose certain concept could be done quickly. Otherwise, if you have chosen a minimalist and modern concept for example, what to put there sometimes becomes the hardest challenge. When you choose the wrong fixture, it might distract the whole concept. So, one important point here is what kind of fixture or ornaments that are able to represent the minimalism and modernism itself. One concept that you can apply to your kitchen is a shabby chic kitchen decor. Shabby chic decoration is commonly dominated by vintage stuff, wooden fixture along with pale pink ornaments to give a feminine touch. If you are interested in it, let us find out what you can put there.

Ice Cream Stuff

One noticeable feature from a shabby chic kitchen is the presence of ice cream. Wait a sec. It does not mean that you have to prepare the ice cream on your freezer. Most of the stuff such as clocks, plates, glasses, chalkboard, hookers, and many others contain ice cream or cupcake picture.


Floral Design

Besides ice cream and cupcake, floral design is also able to represent a shabby chic kitchen decor. To find floral stuff is relatively easier than the ice cream. For instance, you can purchase floral magnets for your fridge, the napkins, table mat, table cloth, vase, jug and many others.

 shabby chic decorating ideas

Heart-Shaped Ornaments

Another typical of a shabby chic kitchen is heart-shaped stuff. It is not difficult to find, isn’t it? You can try to apply heart-shaped magnets, porcelain plates, hanging plaque, or even the mirror. It will surely add more feminine touch to your kitchen.


Vintage Butterflies and Birds

To make the natural sense in your shabby chic kitchen, you might choose some stuff which is decorated by vintage birds and butterflies. It is also a superb idea if the stuff is made of wood. or example, wooden tray and glass, wooden hookers, decorative glass bottle or vase, jug, wall rack, and so on.


Clear Glass

It is also a great idea to balance your decorative and patterned stuff with the ones that are clear and transparent. If all stuff are patterned, it is certain that your kitchen will look crowded. To get crystal or clear stuff such as vase, bottle, pot, or jar is not difficult, right?


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