Warm Mexican Design: Explore Your Taste of Patterns and Colour Options

Home is a vocal point of everyday’s activities. A dream house is most on the time not the most beautiful one in the world. It is where someone’s heart belongs, a sanctuary. Mothers, anywhere in the world, would consider kitchen as one of the most vital rooms in the house. In some culture, if you want to enter a woman’s kitchen (means: cook and do all activities) you will need her consent. It is understandable, then, if kitchen’s decor and interior should reflect the taste of the home queen. A simple yet full of energy is an inpiration coming from mexican kitchen decor. The following discussions portray different approaches that can be done in turning your kitchen into a warm, passionate and expressive space in the house.

Total Make Over Tips

Perhaps what comes in mind now is how to change the current look with the new concept of a Mexican kitchen. If budget is not a concern, it might be a good idea to consult an interior designer to analize which part of the kitchen that can be retained and which spots will need total makeover. A mexican kitchen decor puts forward and highlight brave colours. Characteristics of a Mexican kitchen are including:

  • vibrant details with lots of textures and patterns
  • bright, warm colours tend to be earthy
  • use of accessories in expressive ways

All of the above qualities of Mexican interior decoration resemble passion and energy. For those who enjoy doing things in the kitchen with family or friends, this is a great space to get the feel of warmth from fabulous culture of Mexico. Figure out how to integrate kitchen and dining area for more open and friendly touch that will everyone feel welcomed.

old mexican kitchens

Budget Friendly Plan

It would be a little bit challenging for those with budget restrictions to recreate Mexican touch and atmosphere in the kitchen without tearing down the wall and installing new decorations. However, smart approaches that won’t make you broke can be done through applying certain details to bring Mexican atmosphere to the kitchen. Adjusting the paint colour of the wall can instantly bring vibrant nuance to the room. It is very important to opt for bright, brave, warm colours that represent earth, sand and hang several details from Mexican accesories to highlight the theme. Consider of changing the curtain with printed elements reflecting Mexican details. Include colours of red, yellow, green and brown. The more these earthy colours integrated in the interior, the stronger the nuance will be.


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