Unique Decoration: Let’s Put Pig in the Kitchen

Besides in your stomach, pig is also great if you put it as kitchen decoration. No one can resist its cuteness. For pig lovers, pig kitchen décor become must have item. However, if you want to place pig as your kitchen decoration, there are tips that you should follow in order to make your kitchen to stay elegant and lovely


Kinds of Pig Kitchen Décor

There are two kinds of pig kitchen décor that you can choose. The first is functional pig kitchen décor. This kind of décor has two advantages, such as helping your cooking process and becoming decoration. You can have plate that is decorated with pig motives or picture, pig ceramic hook, pig spoon rest, pig pepper and salt shaker, pig kitchen towel, pig egg whisk, or pig cutting board. Because of they come in unique and funny shape, you can just put them in your kitchen countertops. Moreover, if you want to have pig decoration in your kitchen but you don’t want it to be too visible, you can purchase pig fruit holder. Because of its modern appearance, you can just put the fruit at the back of the pig. Most of this fruit holder is made from wood. And who says pig is not compatible with kitchen? Some kitchen decoration stores sell egg basket that is covered with pig-shaped lid. In addition, this functional decoration also comes with rooster version.

The second is just pig decoration for your kitchen. Most people use pig statue as the decoration in their countertops. Meanwhile, other people prefer to hang their pig decoration to their kitchen’s wall. Pig statue usually comes with various colors, you can make it stand out or follow your kitchen design. Moreover, pig decoration in your kitchen’s wall can be shaped into paintings of pig, pig diagram, or other wall decorations.

pig kitchen items

Tips for Pig Kitchen Décor

Before deciding the decoration, you should notice your kitchen space. If it’s limited, then you need to limit the use of pig decoration. Perhaps you’ll be happy if your kitchen is filled with pig decorations, but it won’t look good because you won’t have space for other necessary cooking tools. Meanwhile, if you have wide kitchen space, you can put pig statue at the corner of your kitchen countertops or at one of the shelves in kitchen cabinet. If you want, you can purchase large pig statue then put it in the middle of your kitchen table or hang it above your kitchen countertops. For this idea, make sure the pig statue doesn’t block the light from kitchen lightings. In addition, make sure that you choose pig decoration that has bright color if you want it to be stand out.


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