Undermount Kitchen Sink: What’s So Good about It?

Installing new kitchen sink will be a good idea, especially if it’s undermount kitchen sink. This type of kitchen sink is popular for its luxurious shape. It will make your kitchen look more amazing because its structure can relate with your kitchen countertops elegantly.

What You Should Know

This type of kitchen sink has edge that is mounted under kitchen countertop’s surface. While other kitchen sinks locate their sink in the top of the counter, undermount kitchen sink places its sink under the counter. As the result, you’ll see a view that defines smooth flow from the kitchen countertops until the sink.

This type of kitchen sink will be better for kitchen countertops with solid surface, such as granite, soapstone, marble, or concrete. If your kitchen countertops are laminated or consisted from tiles, undermount kitchen sink will damage the grout as well as weaken the structure of your kitchen countertops.

Some people love this undermount kitchen sink because it has many advantages. If you have large cooking tools, this kitchen sink will be your great idea. It’s because undermount kitchen sink has larger space to accommodate many cooking tools. Furthermore, because its structure makes the flow from the countertops to the sink goes well, it’s very easy to wipe food scraps directly into the sink. It’s elegant, simple, and easy to clean appearance also become positive point from this kitchen sink.

undermount kitchen sink reviews

On the other hand, not all people love having this kitchen sink in their kitchen. Because of its size and material, undermount kitchen sink is more expensive than usual kitchen sinks. In addition, even though it can be cleaned easily, this kitchen sink still has possibility to have mold. And different from other kitchen sinks, the faucet needs to be installed to the countertop or the wall. Finally, this type of kitchen sink also needs kitchen countertops with specific materials.

Tips Before Buying Undermount Kitchen Sink

Before buying undermount kitchen sink, there are things that you need to know. At first, you should decide what kind of activities that you’ll be often doing with your kitchen sink. There are kitchen sinks that are specially designed for your specific purposes. Doing research about this will make your work easier. Furthermore, besides knowing the size of this kitchen sink, you also need to know how it’s going to be mounted in your kitchen countertops. After that, the installation process is also important, especially because it’s related with your budget.


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