Tips on Selecting Wallpapers for Your Kitchen

Are you planning to design or redesign your kitchen for a fresh look? Redesigning a kitchen is identical to buying new fixture and replacing the old ones. People also think that redesigning a kitchen is the same as moving the fixtures to different spots in order to create a different position and atmosphere. However, if you want to do those kinds of ideas, it will surely waste your money and energy at once. Why don’t you try to freshen you kitchen up by using wallpaper? We provide you with several kitchen wallpaper ideas and tips before buying and papering it.

The Materials

First of all, you need to consider what the wallpaper is made of. Wallpapers mostly are made of either woven or non-woven materials which both are quite durable. If you plan to change the wallpaper frequently, you might choose self-adhesive wallpapers which are easily removed. If you apply this type, make sure that the wall surface is clean, smooth, and non-porous. If your kitchen is quite open and able to let the sunrays coming through, choose the one which can resist UV rays so it will not be easily broken.

Choose the Patterned and Soft Ones

It is recommended for you to choose the patterned one. Why is it so? It will make your kitchen look fresh and stylish. Do not create a plain and monotonous look unless your kitchen’s concept is black and white. The pattern of wallpaper often goes along with the concept of the kitchen. If your kitchen is designed in a minimalist and modern way, it will not match to floral wallpaper, right? Otherwise, floral wallpaper might suit a vintage-themed kitchen. You therefore need to look back to the concept so the whole atmosphere will be compatible.

You are also suggested to use wallpaper with soft and calm tones. Applying too bright or too strong tones might create hot atmosphere in your kitchen. If your kitchen is also open to the free air, the bright wallpapers might reflect the sunlight so it will make you feel uncomfortable with it.

modern kitchen wallpaper ideas

Match It to Other Elements

Wallpaper also brings the decorative element in your kitchen. Therefore, it is important to tie those elements together. It will look suitable and compatible. For example, you can match the color of the wallpaper along with the cabinets, curtains, chair cushions, and many others.


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