Tips on Choosing the Right Kitchen Shelves

One important thing that must be present in a kitchen is the shelves or cabinets. Since it is often claimed as the most expensive element in a kitchen, you need to consider it wisely before purchasing. To choose the right shelves, you do not only consider the design or the outer look. You also have to consider its effectiveness which can meet the requirements for storing your kitchen stuff. People usually are already attracted to the design but eventually disappointed with its ineffective use. You then need to replace it with new shelves and spend more money. Instead of doing so, you can outsmart and make use of strategical spots to set up the shelves. Here are some kitchen shelving ideas which does not only store your things effectively but also create a better look for your kitchen.

Shelves with Many Shelving Units

Commonly, a shelf with a lot of shelving units is designed simply and relatively uninteresting. When you install this kind of fixture, it will surely be effective enough to store and display your kitchen stuff at once. To outsmart its conventional and boring design, you can put the wallpaper behind the shelves. If the shelves are plain, patterned wallpaper will be a great idea. The shelves later will contrast the patterned and colorful wallpaper.

Optimize Each Spot

There are many kinds of kitchen shelf ideas based on the placement. If you have a great number of kitchen things to store, you can optimize each spot to set up the shelves. Wall cabinets are great idea to optimize the wall. However, you need to be careful at storing heavy goods on the wall cabinets. For heavy goods, you had better store it in the shelves or cabinets fixed to the floor which is considered safer and stronger.

shelving kitchen improvements

Back to the Concept of the Kitchen

When you purchase stunning and expensive cabinets, they will mean nothing if the design or the concept of the cabinets does not suit your kitchen concept. Therefore, you need to know what concept your kitchen applies. If it is dominated by wood elements, wooden cabinets will be appropriate. If you apply modern and minimalist kitchen concept, you can buy the shelves dominated by dark colors with glossy accents. It will look stylish and futuristic. For vintage kitchen, simple cabinets dominated with white or relatively neutral tones are perfect.


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