Tile Kitchen Splashback Ideas: What and How to Do It

Kitchen splashback ideas should become the part of your mind if you want to bring better quality to your kitchen. True, the splashback is not really a significant matter to the kitchen. Without too much dealing with it, you can still use the kitchen just fine. But, as one of the rooms of the so-called “place for your sanctuary”, the decoration of the kitchen should be considered. Yes, you should go total with the decoration. Even the smallest and the least significant things should also be thought and done properly because no matter what, they will also give contribution to the whole appearance. So, what can you do about the kitchen splashback ideas?


Normally, the people will leave the splashback part like the rest of the kitchen wall. If the wall is painted in white color, the splashback will also be like that without any ornaments at all. Well, this is what you should break. You can actually make the area become different from the rest of the wall. And since we are only dealing with the splashback area, it will not be too troublesome for you. The simplest way to do this is to put some tiles on the splashback.

inspiraional modern splashbacks

Choose the Tiles

True, you are going to attach some tiles on the splashback area to give some refreshing effect to the whole kitchen. It is really easy for you and there is no need for you to have the help from the professional. All you need to do is to find the right tiles for such purpose and make thorough measurement. It is totally a good idea to put some black and white theme by using black and white tiles. And it is highly recommended to use smaller size of the tile because it will be easier to attach and the result can be sweeter that way. But, anyway, it is definitely your choice to make and thus, it is fine as long as you like the tile option and you believe it can blend well with your kitchen.

Undergoing the Installation

Before the installation, measure the area first. Use some small ropes and put nails at the edge of the ropes and make sure that the ropes are straight. Use the ropes as your guidance in attaching the tiles later on. Even though the cement is good enough as the “glue” for the tiles, but it is still better if you make some small chunks on the wall where you are going to attach the tiles so they will stay there more strongly.


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