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Café curtains for kitchen

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For some people, café curtains perhaps are not familiar on their ear. Café curtains are window coverings that are located in the middle of the window. So they’re different from usual curtains that are located at the top of the window. Café curtains for kitchen will give you semi-privacy touches, even though you already close them. But for people who want to get more natural lights during the day, using café curtains will be perfect for them.

Café Curtains Ideas for your Kitchen

Café curtains usually come in white color. Some of them have unique patterns or crinkle accents at the top of the coverings. Moreover, the fabrics that are usually used are thin, they’re even almost transparent. Those designs of café curtains give the sense of lightness into your kitchen.

However, some people dare to experiment with colors. This is a great idea, especially if you want to have more privacy even though you’re using café curtains. Common colors for café curtains are crème, yellow, red, green, and even blue. You can use various patterns on your café curtains, such as floral, horizontal lines, small square patterns, and even eating equipment patterns like forks and spoons. There are not right and wrongs on choosing the patterns; they depend on your preferences. In other words, it is totally fine for you to deal with some experiment and to be as creative as possible because basically there is nothing harmful when you are dealing with the curtains of your kitchen no matter what you do.

Most people put the curtains in the middle of the window. But other people add more coverings at the top of the window, even though the sizes are not wide enough. Meanwhile, there are also people who put colorful bottles and jars in the shelves that are located at the top of the window. They don’t only save your space, but they will produce beautiful reflection that combines well with the curtains color.


Rod for Café Curtains

Café curtains for kitchen will be more amazing if coupled with the right rod. Brass and spring-loaded rods are often used for homes. If you want rods that are compatible with the outer part of your window, then you should choose spring-loaded rods. When the curtains are already hung, these types of rods are not really visible. On the other hand, brass rods are more visible than spring-loaded rods when the café curtains are already hung. Some people add additional elements if they use brass rods, such as lace and other toppers.