Splashback Tiles for Small Kitchen

Bold walls are extremely boring. How are you going to improve its look? Play with paints and hang some family pictures on the wall? These might work but not in every space in the house. Kitchen and bathroom are examples of rooms in the house that will need a different technique called back splash. This method will create textures on the wall and may also give visual tricks to the eyes because of color combination and materials used. What materials are suitable for back splash? Is it difficult to install and expensive? The answer is, not at all. Guides on how to DIY kitchen back splash are available and with your own material choice, the budget can also be lowered.

Types of Splashback

If what you seek for is smooth and flat sensation of kitchen backsplash, then the option should go to laminate type. However, kitchen splashback tiles will give you more accents since tiles have many variations, texture and sizes. Seratone or fiberboard is another alternative of back splash material that puts forward practicality in cleaning and maintenance. Well, this is totally an awesome thing because when you have such a busy kitchen, there will be so many dirty things attached on the splasback. If it’s hard to be cleaned, in no time, your kitchen will look messy and that’s how you will find that your kitchen is not comfortable anymore. This is particularly suitable for a home cook that won’t need to be worried for making mess in the kitchen. Seratone comes in two types, ceramalite and metallics. The glass like finishing touch of seratone made it very convenient for a busy small kitchen.

 kitchen splashback tiles ideas

Choosing the Right Splashback

A dynamic home cook might want to renew the kitchen after sometime. If you are one of these people, choosing kitchen splashback tiles will enable easy installation and removal. The colors, sizes, designs and texture of tiles are always developing that brings a great advantage to have a unique pattern of your own. True, the design of such thing is like fashionable items. There should be so many choices available out there and therefore, It should not be hard for you to get the suitable one for you. Choosing the right material for kitchen back splash should closely look at the kitchen function, size and design. Smaller sizes work best for a compact kitchen. In terms of maintenance, tiles are relatively easy to clean. Wiping after use will remove stains and keep kitchen splashback shine.


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