Smart Ways to Improve Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen pantry is significant in a house and office. Although the size might not be ideal for those who love cooking and collecting kitchenware, playing with creative small kitchen pantry ideas that will beautify and improve the functions of the pantry is challenging yet worthy. Pantry for small kitchen has to be functional rather than decorational. Function has to go first without putting aside artistical aspect of pantry design. Functioning as a storage in the kitchen, pantry needs to be kept clean and dry. This is to avoid supplies to get damaged because of the humidity. How should a pantry be designed to fit a compact kitchen?

Joint Space

Why would be different spaces joined? This strategy is actually referring to creating an artificial wall that comes from the pantry. The wall is the pantry. Playing with a compact room means that home owners need to figure out how to optimize space and create multifunctional construction. If the kitchen is connected to the dining room or family room, why do not consider to connect both rooms with a wall that also functions as a storage? The only challenge to this idea is perhaps making sure that the supplies set in the pantry will always look worth seeing and clean. In case you’re not really able to handle the supplies set that you put in the pantry properly, everything will be ruined. Yes, indeed, it’s really true that the explanation above is like the two sides of the blades. You better be careful if you want to get the greatest result later on.

 kitchen pantry ideas small kitchens

Visual Tricks

Making the kitchen looks larger and wider can also be done through a glass window policy. Replacing wooden doors on the cabinets with glass will help enhancing visualization. Once you have done it, you’ll see that the cabinets can help reflect the light and that’s how the illusion of bigger room can be created. This is perhaps small kitchen pantry ideas that won’t take too much money to execute. If there are windows, place a glass there. The concept is the same with what has been mentioned before. The way home owners place and arrange the supplies will eventually become a decorative method that won’t require too much ornaments or unnecessary details that will make the kitchen and storage look too crowded. In addition to that, placing the right flooring technique such as using diagonal tiles can make the space look even wider.


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