Small, Roomy, Cozy and Lovely Kitchen Made Easy

Living a single life as a student may not be the most ideal but it certainly gives lots of things in return including adventurous experience in making a small space of a studio apartment into a real home sweet home. Female students might have some tough time to adjust to the changes. Moving in with a roommate or having to accept limited space pretty much everywhere in the apartment is perhaps a tough transition to do. Similar experience might also happen to new starters. Moving in with a partner or spouse for the first time sometimes means that it has to be a win-win solution. Have a quick look at the following small kitchen makeover ideas to help you re-conceptualize your home.

Furniture Selection

A compact space does not need anything heavy at all to fill the room or kitchen. Furniture selection is very crucial to the overall look of the kitchen. Provided that there is a joint kitchen and dining area in the apartment or house, it is very important to select light table and chairs. If it is possible to place an island, measure the size well so that it won’t make the whole room full that nobody can move and do activities comfortably. Well, this is totally a quite confusing because normally when you are trying to find the kitchen island, the size is big enough and that’s why small kitchen should not have it. However, if you’re patient enough, you’ll find it for sure. Furthermore, reconsider elements that will make kitchen crowded such as tops of cabinets and countertops. If there are too many cabinets and countertops that you have there, start thinking about getting rid of them or, you might try to get the furniture pieces which can be more “space saving”.

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Flooring and Lighting Tricks

Kitchen in a student apartment may not leave too much space for modification. What you can do is play with elements of light and flooring (of course if these are allowed for tenants to install). If it is your first house that you will need to makeover, consider of using large diagonal tiles or other flooring options that bring stretchy visual effects. Don’t forget to always put lighting in your list of small kitchen makeover ideas since it is quite easy and cheap to execute. But, don’t overdo it because you will end up spending quite much. Leave a curtain and switch to shades to make the kitchen lighter and brighter.


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