Small Kitchen Table Ideas to Turn the Kitchen as Cooking and Dining Area

Providing the greater atmosphere in your kitchen is totally necessary because kitchen area is not only the area for you to cook the foods. You can also use the kitchen as your dining area too. This kind of house design is really suitable if the size is not really that big. Just notice that you can apply some adjustment to the kitchen so it can become the great spot for cooking and at the same time, there are some spaces left for you to eat and enjoy the meals. Small kitchen table ideas can be so suitable for this purpose and at this point, we’re going to talk about such ideas.

The Size of Your Kitchen Table

Like what has been stated before, we’re going to talk about the small kitchen table ideas. Please do not think why you should not get the bigger kitchen table. As you see, we’re talking about the kitchen with small space and size. And we’re going to make such small kitchen to have two functions: one is for cooking, and two is for eating the meals. It will be too bothersome to get the bigger kitchen table. And that’s the reason. However, even though we’re talking about small kitchen table ideas, it does not mean that the size of the kitchen needs to be really small. If it’s too small, it might be hard for you to enjoy the foods there. At least the dimension is about 1,5 x 1,5 meters.

kitchen table ideas for small kitchens

Which Material to Choose

And yes, the material should be strong enough and pay more attention to the surface. It’s nice to have small kitchen table with glass on it as the finishing. However, personally, I don’t recommend you to choose it. Notice that you’re using the kitchen as your dining area. When you cook, there will be some oil scattered in the air although it is invisible. And when it reaches your glass-finished kitchen table, the surface will be so slippery and the chance for you to drop your eating utensils while eating can be quite high. It’s better for you to choose the table with some friction on the surface. Let’s say wood or metal. That’s a better choice for you.

Is There Any Specific Shape to Choose?

And for the shape of the table, to be honest, there’s no exact or proper recommendation for you. You can go with anything that you like. But, it’s better if you choose the table which has quite uncommon shape like oval or round. It is to cover the fact that your table is small. It will be too boring if your small table is made in rectangular shape.


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