Small Kitchen Storage Ideas – Tips and Tricks

Small room is always annoying. There is no one who demands to have such small rooms at home but some of them are not really lucky to have big house with big rooms in it. And the annoyance will be amplified if we’re talking about the rooms which are categorized to be so vital for the house. Let’s take kitchen as the example. If the kitchen is too cramped, there is barely any chance for you to enjoy your time there. And when your mood has become bad when you are in the kitchen, it is next to impossible for you to make good food there. What can be done for such kitchen?

What to Do with Your Small Kitchen

Forget about enlarging the size of the kitchen. Resizing the room is a good thing if you still have some space and you also have big sum of money. What you should do is actually to be creative and try to use the space of your kitchen as proper as possible.

“No matter how small the kitchen you have, there should be some ways to make it more spacey there.”

Let’s figure out what makes the kitchen usually become cramped and too crowded. Yes, it’s because there are too many stuffs in the kitchen.

storage ideas for small kitchen

And yes, you surely need those stuffs to help you cook so to get rid of the stuffs is not the way. The wisest thing to do is actually to deal with better positioning of the stuffs there. Don’t ever use some kitchen island for your small kitchen. It will occupy big space for sure. It’s also a good idea for you to put all the vanities and your cooking station attached to the wall. Therefore, the center part of your kitchen can have some space for you to have some mobility in there. And the next thing you should do is to find the right small kitchen storage ideas.

Cope with the Positioning Properly

small kitchen storage ideasSure, there will be so many utensils you have in the kitchen and they need to be stored properly by considering the small size of the kitchen. But, when you are trying to store them, make sure that they are also easy to reach so when you need them, it will not be troublesome. The use of some cabinets can be helpful as long as you know where to put the cabinets.

Make sure the cabinets do not use too much space or it can be minimized. Instead of using flooring cabinets, you might want to choose wall cabinets. Just try to make the position of the wall cabinets within your reach and it should also be safe (don’t let your head bump the cabinets because of its positioning).

Kitchen Furniture and Vanities with More Than One Function

It is also a good idea to have some furniture or vanities which have more than one function to save the space and as small kitchen storage ideas. Take the example of the sink which also has function as cabinet. Thus, you can wash your ingredients and do your dish in the sink and below you can find a cabinet to store the utensils. Things like that will help you provide more storage space and reduce the crowded-ness of the kitchen without sacrificing the comfort there.


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