Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and the Tips

If you have kitchen with limited space, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything with it. Before executing your small kitchen remodeling ideas, you need to be sure whether your kitchen is considered as small or not. The problem is, there are many people who don’t realize that they have limited space for their kitchen and they just keep adding many things into their kitchen. The size of small kitchen is around 100 square feet. Narrow kitchen also can be considered as small kitchen. But before doing the measurement, you need to realize whether your movement is limited when you’re inside the kitchen or not.

Ideas of Remodeling Small Kitchen

If you want to have new atmosphere into your small kitchen, there are many ways on small kitchen remodeling ideas. First, you can escalate the kitchen equipment. Because your kitchen space is limited, make sure all equipment is useful and doesn’t take too much space. You can escalate your ovens or faucet. Second, you also can get new kitchen tools, such as kitchen cabinet and other hardware tools in your kitchen. For cabinet, make sure you take all provided space for kitchen cabinet. You shouldn’t install too many kitchen cabinets in order to prevent the sense of “full” in your kitchen. Third, pay attention into your ceiling. Is it damaged? Does it look old and fragile? If the answer is yes, then you should fix your ceiling. Fourth, how about your kitchen wall? Do you want to change the color? Or, do you want to try new things, such as painting your kitchen wall? You can do anything into your kitchen wall, as long as you use brighter color for it.

small kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget

Tips on Remodeling Small Kitchen

Before remodeling, there are things that you need to understand. First, use the right design for your small kitchen. General designs for small kitchen are Corridor, U-Shaped, L-Shaped, and One-Wall. Second, take advantage from the space that is left by your kitchen cabinet. Third, make your kitchen to be larger by using larger tiles for the floor and using brighter colors for the kitchen wall. Larger floor tiles will make you hardly to see the border of the floor tiles. Fourth, realizing that your kitchen space is limited will make you easier to choose the furniture. You shouldn’t put too much furniture into your small kitchen. Similar thing also happens to the decoration. Mix the decorations can be great, but don’t dominate the kitchen. Different from what people’s negative thought about small kitchen, you can save more cost if you have small kitchen. Moreover, remodeling your small kitchen also doesn’t take too much time, doing the floor tiles even only can spend one or two days only.


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