Single Bowl Kitchen Sink: Pros and Cons

Single bowl kitchen sink has is consisted from one and big basin. Whether it’s single bowl or double bowl, what you need to know before choosing kitchen sink is your cooking style, cleaning process, and sink’s usage. In short, your kitchen sink depends on your needs and activities in your kitchen. Similar like other elements in your kitchen, this kitchen sink also has pros and cons.


Most people choose single bowl kitchen sink because of its large space. If you have large cooking tools, using single bowl kitchen sink to clean them up will be the best solution for you. You don’t need to worry anymore if you want to clean up your turkey pan. When you’re washing large cooking tools, this type of kitchen sink will be more flexible and make your work to be easier. If your kitchen space is limited, especially with limited counter space, having this type of kitchen sink will save your kitchen space for other furniture. It’s because the shape of this kitchen sink is narrower than double bowl kitchen sink. On the other hand, if you want to have more space for counter tops, using this type of kitchen sink is already enough.

If you already have dishwasher, choosing single bowl kitchen sink will be a great idea. You can place removable wire basket as the place to rinse your fruits and vegetables. Moreover, this type of kitchen sink can be the place for rinsing your dishes before putting them in your dishwasher. In other words, you can really find that this kind of kitchen sink is actually really functional. You can expect various benefits and features from just one single sink.

 large single bowl kitchen sink


Yes, we have known that the sink is functional but it seems to be not good enough. Multitasking is one of weaknesses from single bowl kitchen sink. If you need to wash many dishes with your hands, perhaps you need to install double bowl kitchen sink. Moreover, single bowl kitchen sink cannot be used for washing and rinsing dishes at the same time. But if you have double bowl kitchen sink, you can put your dishes at one part of your kitchen sink, while you also can drain your pasta at another side of your kitchen sink. Both kitchen sinks’ size can be customized depending on your preferences, for instance you want to have narrower sink at one part of your double bowl kitchen sink, while you also can have deeper and larger sink at another part.


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