Retro Kitchen Décor: It’s Vintage Time!

Retro style will make your kitchen fun. There are many ways to show retro style into your kitchen. Decoration is one of them. Retro kitchen décor is combination between classic and contemporary decorations. This style is popular because it brings back some memories from the old days. Moreover, if you have vintage things from your grandparents or parents, you can use them in your kitchen now. Even though retro style is popular, but it doesn’t mean there are no obstacles on changing your kitchen with retro. Besides, nowadays, there are many kitchen decors that will make you confused on using them in order to create retro kitchen style.

Ways on Adding Kitchen Décor

Decorations from year 1930s and 1960s will be the best. Moreover, there are people who use retro kitchen décor from 1950s. Actually, it doesn’t matter when your decorations come from. The most essential thing for you is the combination part. It’s about how you mix those vintage and modern decorations without damaging each other’s personal touch. Nowadays, there are many vintage stores that sell vintage kitchen decors; one of them is Antique Home Styles. Moreover, you still can get choices of vintage decors from flea market.

However, if you don’t have special budget for buying vintage kitchen decorations from particular store, you can do some things to fulfill your wish. Wallpaper can be your fresh start. Wallpaper with fruits and/or vegetable patterns will create great retro atmosphere into your kitchen. Moreover, plain kitchen wall also can evoke retro kitchen style too. You can add vintage newspaper advertisements or posters into your kitchen wall. If they’re in brighter colors, that would be perfect.

A basket filled with fruits can be put into your retro style kitchen. You just need to hang the basket by using rope or brown chains – make sure it’s strong enough to hold the basket. After that, you fill it with the real fruits, such as banana and orange. Beside those fruits, you also can hang potatoes, garlic, or onions. Use fruits and vegetables that don’t need to be kept on refrigerator. Metal is welcomed here. You can add metal material into the legs of your kitchen table and chair. Your stainless steel refrigerator and faucet also can be added.

vintage canisters for the kitchen

Problems on Retro Kitchen Décor

Retro style kitchen has its own problems. First, sometimes your retro style kitchen may not suitable for other rooms. If this happens, it means there’s no harmony inside your house. Second, sometimes other modern decors are not suitable with the retro style in your kitchen. In order to handle this problem, make sure you put the modern décor in the right portion.


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