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red kitchen curtains

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Your kitchen deserves to be bold. Some of you might not think that way and you do not agree to such statement by considering the fact that the kitchen is usually located “deep” inside the house and it is rather private. There is no need to make it bold because you are not going to show it to the other people. However, you must notice that the trend in home design especially kitchen design has changed. Kitchen has become the “second” living room. You can really give the best service to your guests directly from the kitchen. And that’s how you are going to make it bold.

One of the ways to make it happen is by playing with bright colors. Sometimes darker color does give certain aura into your kitchen, especially if you want to have particular theme in your kitchen. However, for some people, kitchen is the place for them to play with their ideas. Kitchen is also the place for them to cook together with their children or beloved one. That’s why it’s important to treasure that moment by using bright colors at certain areas in your kitchen, such as using red kitchen curtains.

The Meaning of Red

Red brings excitement. If you want your kitchen to be stand out, then red is your answer. Moreover, red also boosts your energy, making you warm and energetic. Red makes you to move and do something. For your kitchen curtains, you don’t always have to use bright red. There are many ranges of red color and you can choose one of them depending on your preferences.


Red Kitchen Curtains Ideas

Before using red kitchen curtains in your kitchen, it’s better for you to know the measurement of your window. This will become guidance for the size of the kitchen curtains. From this measurement, then it’s time for you to choose the design of the kitchen curtains. There are many design and material types for your curtains. You can choose red curtains that are made from sheer material or you want to have a little bit thicker curtains that can keep your privacy. Also, there are also people who use red curtains with floral patterns on them. They look old yet elegant at the same time. And they also will be great as the main attraction in your kitchen.

Simple red curtains will keep the sense of warmth, while red curtains with white patterns will give the sense of playful and classic. Besides white, you can combine red color with other colors, such as black, gold (for luxurious appearance, but make sure the material is thick enough), soft pink, and crème.