Tile Kitchen Splashback Ideas: What and How to Do It

Kitchen splashback ideas should become the part of your mind if you want to bring better quality to your kitchen. True, the splashback is not really a significant matter to the kitchen. Without too much dealing with it, you can still use the kitchen just fine. But, as one of the rooms of the so-called […]

Art as Kitchen Design!? Are You Kidding Me?

Modern, contemporary, vintage, traditional, and classic, those are the most common themes you might consider whenever you are trying to decorate your kitchen. Does it mean that those five themes are all of the options ? Of course, those themes are enough for you but it’s still possible for you to let your creativity out […]

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas – Tips and Tricks

Small room is always annoying. There is no one who demands to have such small rooms at home but some of them are not really lucky to have big house with big rooms in it. And the annoyance will be amplified if we’re talking about the rooms which are categorized to be so vital for […]

Some Reasons in Getting Glass Kitchen Worktops

Designing the kitchen is actually similar to designing the bedroom. Both rooms are in the same “important room” class whenever we are talking about the rooms that play vital role at home. Notice that you will need to spend some time in the kitchen to deal with the dishes, meals, and cooking. Even if you […]

Do Wooden Kitchen Worktops Always Demand Troublesome Maintenance?

Adorable look might be the main reason for you to choose wooden kitchen worktops. The wooden surface for you to work on when you are in the kitchen can surely capture the attention and yes, it is also the highlight of your kitchen. In case you can really get such worktops, you will find it […]