Oak Kitchen Worktops: Consider the Advantages and Disadvantages before Buying

Wooden worktops for your kitchen still become people’s favorites. And oak kitchen worktops also included on that. However, there are many questions about maintenance process. That’s why, before installing these types of worktops in your kitchen, you should know some information about them.


Warmth and classical – that’s what you get if you install kitchen worktops made from oak. Moreover, they’re also rich with unique patterns. When it comes to the appearance, they can be placed between other winners as well. Oak worktops also will make your kitchen look more exclusive, especially if you have the right lighting above them. Comparing to the others, kitchen worktops from oak are also durable. Some manufacturers even built them from solid materials or 100 percent from the real woods. You can imagine how durable the worktops can be by considering the solidity of the material. You can even use the worktops up to your second or even third generation by considering how awesome oak wood can be.

There are things that you need to consider before buying these kitchen worktops. First, the quality is important. You may need to pay more, but quality is equal with the result that you’ll get once you have these worktops for a long time. Second, regular maintenance is important. Many people think that maintenance process will be complicated. But every wooden kitchen worktop should be equipped with Danish Oil or Finishing Oil. If you apply this oil into the surface of your kitchen worktops, it will make the materials become resistant with the water. You need to apply the oil every three until six months. And even though you already apply the oil, water shouldn’t be too long in the surface of your oak kitchen worktops.

oak kitchen worktops care


Taking care of the kitchen worktops is difficult for some people. But that’s what they need to do if they have wooden kitchen countertops. Several unfortunate things will happen if they cannot regularly take care of their kitchen countertops, one of them is water mark that is left on the surface, especially in the area near the sink. Just remember that even though you already apply oil regularly, you still need to do other things to keep your oak kitchen worktops in great shapes. And if you maintain the quality properly, your kitchen worktops will last even until eight years. Don’t you think it’s enough to make the worktops as a kind of family legacy?


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