Marble Kitchen Worktops

It’s impossible to resist the beauty of marble kitchen worktops. Yes, I dare to say that t because marble itself is totally a stunning material and when it is combined as the main material to make the worktops which are usually the main highlight of the kitchen, the charm is totally irresistible. Similar to the granite, it changes your kitchen directly to be more luxurious and elegant. The use of marble worktops is not as common as granite and quartz, even though the appearance of marble is unique and timeless. If you choose marble as your worktops material, there are advantages and disadvantages that you should know.


Marble’s patterns are lovely. The mixture of white and greyish color helps the pattern to appear amazingly. If you want to have touch of richness instantly, using kitchen worktops from marble is right for you. People who choose marble kitchen worktops believe that these worktops’ unique patterns cannot be found in granite. Kitchen worktops from marble are suitable if you work with pastry. It’s because pastry should be done in cool temperature. Meanwhile, marble is not a good heat conductor, so it’s naturally cool. Marble is not always expensive. There are some types of marble for kitchen worktops that are affordable. And this benefit is also supported with the wide availability of marble worktops.

marble granite worktops


For some people, the loveliness of marble worktops is not equal with its strength. Even though it’s durable, but marble worktops are not resistant to scratch. If you have marble worktops, you should be careful when they’re being touched with something acidic for certain period of time, such as lemon. As the result, you cannot clean your marble worktops directly with just general cleaners that you often found in the stores. True, you might need to cope with some extra efforts to guarantee that your worktops can remain good in its condition and appearance.

Unlike quartz, marble worktops also are not resistant with stains. Make sure you don’t leave anything on the surface of your marble worktops, even though it’s your red wine, water, or juices from some fruits. After using the worktops, it’s better for you to clean them up directly. If you want to focus on the appearance, marble worktops may be suitable for you. However, if you have various cooking activities that are not only consisted from working with pastries, then perhaps you should choose other kitchen worktops depending on your purposes.


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