Knowing More about Counter Height Kitchen Tables

Have you ever heard about counter height kitchen tables? What are the differences with the standard ones? In this article, I will let you know several things about counter height tables. Firstly, the counter height tables are taller that the standard ones. The difference might be about 20 – 40 cm. The counter-height ones are considered as more unique than the standard ones due to the fact that such tables are usually made in quite distinctive design. This kind of tables can be made from some materials, such as wood, metal or plastic. They can be designed with legs, a pedestal base or trestle base.

Counter height tables are very useful and appropriate for particular situations. It is good because we can actually see over a wall or railing, such as to see the view outside. They are the perfect option for small spaces because the additional height somehow gives the illusion taking up less space than a lower standard table. So if you have small room but you want to make it feel bigger, you might want to get this kind of tables. And the last one is that because the counter height tables are less formal, they create a more casual, and relaxed atmosphere. In case you are interested to open a business by running a bar, such kitchen tables can be the most suitable furniture for you.

counter height kitchen tables and chairs

Benefits of Using Counter Height Kitchen Tables

Now, I will tell you some benefits of using counter height kitchen tables. The first one is that it might be used for food preparation. The height of the table allows someone to prepare ingredients without having to sit down or bend, it is a lot comfortable that way. Then, the height of the tables also makes the kitchen look so much wider. It also allows people who are seated and those who are standing in the kitchen to have a comfortable conversation. It gives the beautiful look to the overall kitchen design. Counter-height tables are often made with thin legs, pedestal base or sometimes, with a trestle base. The designs of the counter-table legs can be seen more because the legs of the tables are quite long. Same as the effect of bistro tables, counter-height tables also provide a less formal atmosphere that makes us relaxed. If you put that in your kitchen, it will also be perfect place for sharing and having easy conversation.


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