Marble Kitchen Worktops

It’s impossible to resist the beauty of marble kitchen worktops. Yes, I dare to say that t because marble itself is totally a stunning material and when it is combined as the main material to make the worktops which are usually the main highlight of the kitchen, the charm is totally irresistible. Similar to the […]

Enjoy the Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Worktops

There’s always a high demand for quartz kitchen worktops or engineered stone. Quartz is consisted from 93% quartz and 7% resin binders and pigments. Those combinations will add more advantages to quartz. When granite has unique pattern and also durability, quartz has its own particular benefits that are suitable for people whom are looking for […]

Grey Kitchen Worktops: Some Alternatives for You

Modern and contemporary style kitchen will love this. Grey kitchen worktops will never lose its charisma, even though there are many kitchen worktops with various colors nowadays. Moreover, various materials also support grey worktops and they can be adjusted with your budget. Grey Kitchen Worktops from Natural Stones Granite and quartz are the common natural […]

Different Types of Kitchen Worktops

Nowadays, types of kitchen worktops have developed. They’re not only consisted from wood, granite, laminate and quartz. However, kitchen worktops types also can be from stainless steel and glass. Moreover, there are also tips on choosing the best kitchen worktops for you. Types of Kitchen Worktops Stainless steel is one of types that are often […]

Laminate Kitchen Worktops and What You Can Do with Them

The right kitchen worktops sometimes don’t come with the right price. It doesn’t mean whether they look lovely or not, the problem lies on your ability to bring them into your kitchen with maintenance costs that had been prepared before. Most importantly, the cost for kitchen countertops surely doesn’t stop on the day you purchase […]

How to Have More Joy from Your Concrete Kitchen Worktops

Concrete kitchen worktops are strong. Their appearance gives seek touch into your kitchen. Kitchen worktops from this material are consisted from complex cements and pure natural silica sands. They will be amazing particularly if you have modern or contemporary kitchen style. These worktops have many advantages. And if you want to save your budget, there’s […]