The Lightness of Your Kitchen

For some people, café curtains perhaps are not familiar on their ear. Café curtains are window coverings that are located in the middle of the window. So they’re different from usual curtains that are located at the top of the window. Café curtains for kitchen will give you semi-privacy touches, even though you already close […]

All You Need to Know about Wooden Kitchen Countertops

A lot of kitchen countertop ideas are filled with a very lot of options of natural stone or concrete countertops. That is why such materials for the kitchen countertop are valued to be so mainstream. Of course, there is nothing wrong for you to choose such kitchen countertop. But, don’t you think that it is […]

Leather Kitchen Floor: Something More Than Just an Eco-Friendly Choice

In the category of eco-friendly kitchen floor ideas, leather flooring is honestly an option which is just introduced not so long ago. As a quite new flooring type, it is not that hard for the leather flooring to gain fame among people nowadays. A thing to know in this case is that the cause is […]

Kitchen Curtain: When Privacy Is Not Really a Concern

Kitchen area is actually a place where privacy is not really needed. This is why when you are thinking about kitchen curtain ideas, it is better for you to limit the options on curtains that will never increase the level of privacy in the kitchen. This way, you will not only be able to provide […]

Kitchen Splashback from Glass

Nowadays, kitchen splashback glass has become famous. It’s because splashback glass fulfills requirement for becoming a good kitchen splashback. If you’re still not sure, there are reasons why you should use splashback glass in your kitchen. Moreover, there are also types of splashback glass to widen your inspiration. Why Splashback Glass There are many rules […]

Budget Backsplash: A Quality in Efficiency

Kitchen walls are perhaps one of the most challenging spot in the house to design and decorate. Due to the heavy and intensive nature of kitchen work, kitchen walls need strong construction and finishing. It also has to be easy to clean up in order to avoid humidity in the kitchen. Backsplash is somehow a […]