Kitchen Splashback from Glass

Nowadays, kitchen splashback glass has become famous. It’s because splashback glass fulfills requirement for becoming a good kitchen splashback. If you’re still not sure, there are reasons why you should use splashback glass in your kitchen. Moreover, there are also types of splashback glass to widen your inspiration.

Why Splashback Glass

There are many rules for kitchen splashback. Because it’s important for protecting the wall from oil, heat, and other stains, kitchen splashback should be made from material that is easy to be cleaned. In addition, cleaning kitchen splashback glass will save your cleaning budget because you just need to prepare warm water with cleaning cloth that you can get from manufacturer. Also, splashback glass doesn’t need grouting, that’s why its outer part is smooth and you will not find mold and bacteria there.

Kitchen splashback is not only used for its protecting function. In fact, you can make your kitchen having certain atmosphere through using splashback. If you extend the length of the splashback following your kitchen cabinet’s width line, it will be a wonderful decoration too. Moreover, splashback glass is also consisted from various colors. There are two ways on coloring this type of splashback. Some people prefer to paint their kitchen wall first; then install the glass. Meanwhile, other people prefer to paint the glass; then install it into the kitchen wall. Both ways are fine, as long as the installation and coloring process are done by professionals for getting the best result.

clear glass splashbacks for kitchens

Types of Splasback Glass

Using float glass will cost around $550 per square meter, while using Starphire glass will be around $650 per square meter. Float glass gives natural greenish effect; usually this type of glass isbeing cut and toughened first before painted. Moreover, float glass also can be cleaned up easily. After that, there are also splashback glass and ceramic tile.

Before choosing your favorite types of glass, make sure you already see the appearance of the glass as well as the cutting price. It is really possible for you to be disappointed by the glass because the appearance changes when you take it back. It might be caused by the different lighting between the store where you get the glass and your house. The best way to make sure that you will not make mistake about this is to see the glass under white light. Even better, you can take it out under the sun ray. And also pay attention that most manufacturers differentiate between the prices for the installation and the cutting process.


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