Kitchen Splashback Designs: What to Consider

Kitchen splashback is purposely made to secure kitchen wall. It can be seen that kitchen splashback generally is placed near the stove. It’s necessary to protect kitchen wall behind the stove from oil, splatters, stains, and others from cooking process. Nowadays, the role of kitchen splashback becomes wider. Beside a protector, kitchen splasback also can be part of kitchen’s decoration. Consequently, many people start to think about kitchen splashback designs just for appearance purpose.

Kitchen Splashback Designs

Expanded kitchen splashback still becomes people’s favorite. The length of kitchen splashback is not limited for kitchen stove area only. Because of this, now your kitchen can look amazing even though you just use two colors: one color for your kitchen cabinets, including countertops. And another color is for kitchen splashback. For this design, it’s suggested to accentuate one color only, for instance is coloring your kitchen splashback with lighter colors, such as red or orange. Moreover, still for this design, the material should be almost similar between cabinets with splashback.

Other design is by using almost similar color for both cabinets and splashback. Usually the color of the splashback is darker than the cabinets. It’s because lighter color will make stains and dirt become more visible. That way you can find some kind of alert that cleaning should be done soon to maintain the condition of the splashback.

Meanwhile, another design for kitchen splashback is by creating a particular space using kitchen splashback only. This design can be done by limiting the length of your kitchen splashback, so it only covers the stove area. With that condition, you should use lighter or darker color for your splashback to accentuate the stove area. For other elements in your kitchen, it’s suggested to use similar color for each other and let the splasback to be the star in your kitchen.

kitchen splashback patterns

Kitchen Splashback Materials

There are materials that are generally used for kitchen splashback designs. The first and the most favorite material is glass. Glass is easy to be cleaned, it’s consisted from many types with various textures that will be attractive for your kitchen, and the surface of glass is very smooth. The second is stainless steel. It’s more expensive, but it’s durable and strong. Stainless steel may be sensitive for certain chemicals, but its sleek appearance cannot be denied easily. And the third is tile. With using tiles, you’ll be facing with wide range of patterns, colors, and shapes. If you like detail, tiles will be your best choice.


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