Kitchen Light Ideas: Some Ideas to Blow Your Mind Away When You’re in the Kitchen

Lovely kitchen cabinets, luxurious countertops, and other high quality utensils; you may add those things into your kitchen. But, have you ever thought about the lighting? With the right kitchen light ideas, you will feel the difference once you’re entering your kitchen. You shouldn’t underestimate lighting in your kitchen, besides its function to brighten your kitchen; lighting provides warmth and comfort – things that you may not get from kitchen equipment. Also, if you know how, you can save your budget for lighting.


Kitchen Light Tips for Your Budget

First, spread the light. Some people need more than one lighting in their kitchen. If it becomes your problem and at the same time you want to save your budget, you can purchase an adjustable lamp. This lamp’s shape is almost similar like an octopus – it has long “branches” which are ended with lighting. With this lamp, you can direct the branches depending on your needs. Moreover, the length of the branches can be adjusted too. Nowadays, this type of lamp is already sold in several stores, one of them is IKEA.

Second, make a statement. In this part, besides brighten up your kitchen, the lighting can be the decoration as well. Make sure you choose unique-shaped lighting, especially if it’s colorful and suitable with your kitchen design. However, finding this type of lighting could be a little bit difficult because most decorative lightings come with large size that will take some spaces.

Third, there are rules for using large lightings. If you have spacious floor, large space, and high ceiling, you can have these lightings. Those three important elements will make your kitchen having similar and balanced light.

kitchen lighting ideas

Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

These are kitchen light ideas that you may follow:

First, combine several lightings. If your kitchen design is unique and consisted from different elements – such as metal chairs and wooden kitchen counter table, you can combine several lightings with different designs and shapes in your kitchen. The main point of this idea is on how you place the lightings. Make sure they’re too close with each other, so the other areas of your kitchen are not dark. On the other hand, you also can combine similar lightings with layered ceiling. Make sure the lightings’ sizes are not too large, so they will spread balanced glow into your kitchen.

Second, brighten based on function. You can put the lightings above your counter, stove, and other areas of your kitchen that you think are necessary. You should position the lightings as if they’re spotlights toward you.

Third, use chandelier. Chandelier is not only suitable for living room, but it gives luxurious appearance if you put it in your kitchen. If you want to have the glamour atmosphere, you should have one chandelier at the center of your kitchen.



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