Kitchen Counter Décor Ideas to Accomplish Kitchen Design Mission

After accomplishment of your kitchen design, it’s time for kitchen counter décor. The decoration in this part of your kitchen has many advantages: First, it emphasizes the design of your kitchen, so you will feel new atmosphere once you’re entering your kitchen. Second, depending on the decoration that you choose, your counter can be the star of your kitchen and is ready to welcome your guests. Third, the decoration sometimes can give warm feeling. Even though you don’t have any limitation on the decoration, you still need to notice several things.

How to Décor Your Kitchen Counter

The counter space is your first rule. You need to know whether the space fits with your decoration or not. Wide kitchen counter means it covers several walls. It can be added with various decorations, such as flowers, fruits, etc. Meanwhile, narrow kitchen counter just only covers one or two parts. This type of kitchen counter should be decorated with useful cooking tools, such as jars of seasonings, fresh ingredients, etc.

Lighting should be not forgotten. It gives different visual into your kitchen counter décor, making it more mysterious or even luxurious – depending on how you put the lighting. You can be more creative towards your lighting by adding rope. Beside that, the color of your lighting also has certain effects into your kitchen counter.

above kitchen counter decor

Kinds of Decorations

From information above, you already have pictures of what kind of decoration that you can choose. The first is flowers and other green plants. The advantage of using flowers is it can make your kitchen to be more festive, although you only use one kind of flowers. Moreover, you can have small pots of herbs that can be added into your dishes. Second is fruits, you can add unique bowl as the place for them and make sure that you use fresh fruits because they can be added into your dishes. Third is cooking tools; you can have a larger glass filled with forks, spoons, knives, and others. You should choose cooking tools with unique shape, so they won’t look too ordinary as your counter decorations. If you want more ideas, you can add cooking books in your counter kitchen. You also can build small bookshelves at the walls of your kitchen counter for saving the space. Meanwhile, the fourth is foods. You can add a jar of cookies which its lid is covered with colorful flannels, several small jars of seasonings that can be added into your dish directly, jams, a basket of breads, and many more. Actually, it’s not only limited for foods because you can have beverages too, such as wine. In your kitchen counter, you can add an icemaker and wine cooler, so you can enjoy your beverages directly. Lastly, the fifth, you can add other decorations, such as urns with unique textures and shapes.



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