Ideas for Limited Space Kitchen

Are you giving up with your small kitchen? Although it seems to be difficult, small kitchen has its own uniqueness. There are problems that you would meet if your kitchen space is limited. First, small kitchen perhaps doesn’t fit with your expectation, that’s why you will be uncomfortable cooking in your kitchen because you already dislike it from the beginning. Second, there are times when you want to put many things in your kitchen, especially if you love certain decorations and want your kitchen to be filled with them. However, your petite kitchen doesn’t allow you to do that. These problems surely have solutions; that’s why you need to know kitchen ideas for small spaces.


Tips for Smaller Kitchen

These are several kitchen ideas for small spaces. First of all, you need to make a list what kind of activities that you often do in your kitchen. If you make this, you’ll know what cooking tools that you should put in your kitchen and arrange them in an open place. After that, make sure you make the color flows smoothly in your small kitchen. Using one or two colors is fine; you can even put a highlight near the brighter color to help spreading the light within the kitchen. Finally, if it’s necessary, you can take advantage of your kitchen’s center by putting small table.


Make It Larger

There are two ways for making your small kitchen to be larger. First, you can renovate it. Second, you can do something to your kitchen, so your guests will be hypnotized with its illusion. And these are ways that you can implement for making your kitchen larger:

First is kitchen lighting. You should put the lighting under the kitchen cabinets or under the counter. This lighting will create an illusion that your kitchen is larger and more beautiful.

Second, make them visible. If you apply glass into your countertop, door cabinets, or kitchen doors, you will widen the space of your kitchen. Moreover, in order to let your kitchen to shine, you can use highly reflective glass.

small kitchen design

Third is about the cooking tools and furniture. Because the space is limited, make sure you use smaller kitchen furniture only. Large kitchen furniture will just make your kitchen to be crowded and it’s very uncomfortable. Small kitchen furniture will give some spaces in your kitchen and it will make your kitchen to be more open too. Regarding the cooking tools, you can put them in the open shelves for light appearance. It’s not necessary for placing many decorations in your kitchen; you should use cooking tools that you’ll use only.

Fourth, combining material will be great. Limited kitchen space doesn’t mean you’ll only be able to use kitchen furniture from one material only. You can combine stainless steel kitchen table with wooden shelves or kitchen cabinets. For your countertops, you can use granite too and it’s cheaper for small size countertops.


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