Ideas for Kitchen Corner Tables

Kitchen corner tables can be great solutions for kitchen with limited space. Not only that, besides kitchen table near the countertops, you can add more space for kitchen table by using corner table. However, many people still underestimate this kind of table because it cannot accommodate too many people. But if you know how, especially getting the right chair, you’ll get the best kitchen table ever.


Ideas for Kitchen Corner Tables

At first, you can have basic kitchen corner tables. They’re consisted from wooden corner tables with wooden chairs or bench. It’s called basic because you start your creativity from there. You can give them different colors, such as black or white. Or you can even change the table legs and the back of the chairs or bench.

Second, change the location. Generally, this corner table is usually attached with the two walls behind it. But, how about attaching this corner table with your kitchen countertops? If you want to use this design, you should put round table instead of square table.

Third, build multifunctional chairs. You’ll get extra space to keep your belongings by building hidden cabinets under your chairs, particularly chairs that are located near the wall. Moreover, these cabinets can be the place for the cushions, so your chairs will not look too crowded.

corner kitchen open table 

Tips of Kitchen Corner Tables

Choosing corner tables for your kitchen is a great idea. However, you should notice the chairs as well as the bench. In order to get a prefect look, make sure the height of the chairs or the bench is not exceeding the height of the table. This rule is still available no matter what type of table that you use – round or square. Because this table is located in the corner, it will be uncomfortable to limit people’s sights, especially if they’re sitting down near the wall.

Combining different kinds of chairs will generate amazing result, such as wooden chairs with cushions near the wall and transparent chairs made from plastic in the other side of the corner table. This is also applicable when it comes to the bench. You’ll get extraordinary result by combining different materials, shapes, and colors in this table.

It’s necessary to put lighting above the corner table, especially if your kitchen lighting cannot brighten this area properly. You should use smaller size for the lighting and make it stand out with unique design. Larger lighting usually will damage the composition of furniture in the corner area. Moreover, it also will disturb the other lightings in the same room, particularly if you use several lightings in your kitchen.





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