Ideas for Farmhouse Kitchen Tables

Farmhouse kitchen focuses on the atmosphere of warmth and welcoming. This is where you will get comfort because it also offers friendly environment. At first, you should pay attention to the open and fresh atmosphere of your farmhouse kitchen. After that, you can think about other important elements in your farmhouse kitchen, such as tables.

Particular Kitchen Tables

Dining becomes one of the special moments in the kitchen. As the result, all dining equipments shouldn’t be disappointed, including the farmhouse kitchen tables. In this particular style of kitchen, you should pay attention to the materials. Tables that are used for farmhouse kitchen are made from high quality woods, such as oak and other woods. In order to get the strong sense of farmhouse kitchen, you should use tables whose have many details on it. The details can be implemented through carvings and other things, they usually can be found on the legs of the tables. Moreover, farmhouse kitchen usually has larger spaces because it needs to accommodate the activities there, including eating larger meals. As the result, tables for farmhouse kitchen usually come with larger size than usual tables. If your space doesn’t really support that kind of tables, you can use shorter tables but with extension at one side of the table.


Tables will not complete without chairs. In farmhouse kitchen, the chairs are also made from high quality woods. Similar like the tables, there are details on the chairs; you can find them on the back of the chairs or on the leg chairs. In modern farmhouse kitchen, there are no rules about the shape of the chairs. You can use ordinary chairs, while at the same time it also will be interesting to use long chairs similar like picnic chairs. You can even use both of the styles in the same table.

 antique kitchen farmhouse table


The farmhouse kitchen tables can be decorated with other things, such as tablecloths. You can use tablecloths that have farmhouse motives on it for getting the strong sense of farmhouse kitchen. The motives can be plain, gingham, and toile. Usually the motives describe about certain things, especially about historical aspects.


Other decorations for your farmhouse kitchen tables can be candles, fresh flowers in classic vase, a bowl of various fruits, and other decorations. Make sure that you come up with natural decorations, something that can make your tables look simpler as well as natural. Because of your tables’ size, you can put several lamps above the tables. However, make sure that the lighting from the lamps cannot disturb the natural light from the window.



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