How to Select the Most Suitable Fluorescent Lighting for Kitchen

When you are now decorating a kitchen, there are surely a great number of aspects to consider. One thing that you must carefully consider is the lighting. Basically, lighting is essential for a whole house decoration; it is not limited to certain rooms. There are plentiful choices when it comes to kitchen lamp. Besides considering the model, you also have to pay attention to its efficiency and energy. Choose the one which can save the energy so it will last longer than regular lamps. Kitchen ceiling lights are commonly divided into fluorescent, flush, pendant and downlights. Here, we will give you some tips on choosing fluorescent kitchen lighting since it is considered the most efficient one when it comes to energy.

What is Fluorescent Lamp?

A fluorescent lamp can be defined as a lamp which can produce bright light by using some forms of radiation. These days’ fluorescent lamp is controlled by electronic gear. It consequently removes any buzzing and flickering. Fluorescent lighting is known for its efficiency since it can save energy for four to six times than other lamp sources. No wonder if a lot of people today decide to set up fluorescent lamp as the source of house lighting.

Choose the Size and Model

Before purchasing, you need to firstly select which the size, design, length or shape of the lamps. Fluorescent lamps are available in circular or linear in shape. Its size also varies from 18 inches up to 96 inches.

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Color Temperature

The next step is that you need to decide the light effect. Having adjusted the room and the needs, you can choose the most appropriate one based on the color temperature. There are four choices: 3,000 for warm soft white light, 4,000 for cool white light, 5,000 for bright white light, and 6,000 for arctic white light.

Specific Conditions

If you plan to install the lamp in a kitchen, the room temperature is mostly warm or even hot except for kitchens with many windows which allow better air circulation. Room temperature can affect the life expectancy of the bulb.

Light Output

If your kitchen has a lot of windows and enable the sunlight coming through, you therefore need to consider the hours of light output. Most fluorescent lamps have 6,000 hours life span. Optimizing dimming feature is also great choice to have a longer life span.



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