How to Have More Joy from Your Concrete Kitchen Worktops

Concrete kitchen worktops are strong. Their appearance gives seek touch into your kitchen. Kitchen worktops from this material are consisted from complex cements and pure natural silica sands. They will be amazing particularly if you have modern or contemporary kitchen style. These worktops have many advantages. And if you want to save your budget, there’s a DIY option for these kitchen worktops.


At first, you may think these kitchen worktops are stiff. But if you notice them, you’ll see sense of lightness and smoothness in the surface of these kitchen worktops. Besides their powerful appearance, concrete kitchen worktops are also well known for their high durability. Unlike wooden kitchen worktops that are little bit vulnerable with water and should be maintained properly, kitchen worktops that are made from concrete are surely waterproof. Furthermore, these kitchen worktops are also alcohol and heat resistant.

Simple maintenance can be found in these kitchen worktops. Having concrete worktops will only require you to clean them up regularly. And you don’t have to purchase expensive cleaning products that will damage the surface of your kitchen worktops, such as products that contain ammonia. You just need to prepare mild soap and water as their cleaning materials.

Repairing kitchen worktops that are built from concrete is also easy. But even though it’s easy, you still need to use professionals for getting the best result. If you do it on your own, perhaps, you are able to deal with the repair but it might not be perfect. It is very likely that the problems which happen to your worktops can occur again. In addition to the great advantages you have read above, you should also notice that worktops like this are also flexible and easy to be shaped depending on your preferences.

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Tips on Concrete Kitchen Worktops

There are several things that you need to know before purchasing these kitchen worktops. It’s better to ask manufacturers first about the ability of concrete that they’ve provided to you. And it’s also very important to know the thickness of the concrete worktops that you choose. Different manufacturers may have different thickness of their concrete worktops and thickness could block you from any designs or layout surface that you want. That’s why you should have back up plans from your design or you can pay attention to the position of knockouts for the sinks. Furthermore, it’s necessary to consider the weight of the concrete worktops and also their access into your kitchen.


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