How to Choose Rustic Tables for Better Harmony with Nature

The demands for more nature-harmony home concept have never been as extensive and intensive as it used to be. In a way, this is a shift of lifestyle where people begin to look for furniture that is less materialistic. On the other hand, it is a sign that some adjustments in your home might need to take place. Feeling curious of what in high demand recently? If you are fond of anything freshly made from nature with its original colour and texture, rustic kitchen tables trend could be an element that is worth hunting. This table is available online, but there are some important notes that you need to remember before purchasing.

Rustic Kitchen Tables Revealed

A house with country decor and theme bring lots of natural goodness inside. Although rustic tables match a country house very well, it can actually be placed in modern home, too. The kitchen table, especially, will make kitchen atmosphere light and fresh. In addition to that, to create rustic effects in the house, choosing simple design with less curvy lines is crucial. The intention here is making a home as natural as possible. Log tables with unfinished cut are very artistic and suitable for this concept. It works well in the dining room or at the back terrace for more open dining experience. Please consider of providing enough shade if log tables or woods is placed outside. If you are searching for something less rough, look for rustic kitchen tables and log tables that are hand-crafted. This is usually available as custom order that comes very unique in every design.

rustic wooden kitchen table

Rustic Tables Types

With the simplicity of rustic furniture, people will be able to appreciate its natural texture. Compared to other designs, rustic element is relatively pure and innocent. There is no ornament whatsoever other than the wood itself. Sometimes, hand craft touches are desired and demanded but that would be specially made by order. Rustic tables match homes, cafe or restaurants that highlight rustic cowboy concept. Usually, the types are divided into:

  • hutch table that is suitable for home interior
  • console that matches home and cafe; although it tends to be static
  • gate-legged table with the benefit of easily expandable; it is suitable for cafe or restaurant
  • tavern type works well for business due to its lightness and practicality
  • kang type has a specific Chinese influence; it comes in large size since it was used to be functioned as a bed

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