How to Choose and Take Care of Small Kitchen Tables

To present a table along with the chairs in a kitchen is somehow optional for you. If you think you need it, why don’t you just apply it to your kitchen? If you have limited space but still insist on having it, purchase the one with smaller size. It will be more effective and functional without taking too much space in your kitchen. One thing that you have to consider is the material. Choose the one with high quality materials so it can accommodate the things above the table and the people who will sit there later. After choosing the right material, you also need some extra work to take care of it. Don’t worry because we will give you some tips on taking care of your small kitchen table and chairs.


Clean the Dust

To dust the table and chairs is the first and easiest step you can do. It does not need too much energy yet it is effective. You are also recommended to frequently do it if your kitchen is quite open and has many windows which allow more dust. To clean the dust, you are supposed to use a dry cloth.


Clean with Wet Cloth

Using a wet cloth is prefect to clean the stains. If rubbing the stains does not work, you can use a cleansing agent to help you deal with the stains. Remember to choose the one whose chemical substances do not harm your small kitchen table and chair.

 small table and chair sets

Table Pads

If you do not want to spend too much time cleaning the stains, you can prevent it instead. The use of table pads will help you to decrease the stains and later save your time to clean with cleansing agent. To use table pads is also highly recommended as they will protect your wooden or glass table which is vulnerable to heat.


Polish the Wood

In case you purchase a wooden table and chairs, to polish it will make them last longer. Wood basically cannot stand humidity and direct sunlight. Therefore, you can place the table and chairs which doesn’t receive direct sunlight. Besides, polishing them will renew its look and cover the hollows.


Repair the Broken

The last thing you can do is to repair them directly if there is any breakage. If you do not cope with the breakage immediately, it may lead to further breakage. To repair it, you can do it by yourself or hire the professionals.



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