How to Build Under Kitchen Sink Storage

Is there any solution for you to get additional storage space in the kitchen if you find that the size of the kitchen is not really that big? Perhaps, you might think that the cabinet can become the answer. What if you have already had the cabinet and there is barely any space left for you to add more cabinets? Does it mean that you cannot have any extra space for storing? Check under your sink. If you find nothing there, you should notice that you can have some storage under the sink. You may want to have under kitchen sink storage and you need to know that you can actually make it by yourself. Do you want to know how to build it? These are several steps of how to build the under sink storage.

Some Considerations before Making

Before we explain to you how to make it, you need to consider several things. Firstly, if the opening between the open doors is narrower than the opening between the sides of the frame, you need to use the shorter dimension to make the base. The next thing to consider is that if you have a center partition between the doors, you need to make two separate bases for each side and a tray for each. The last one is that you need to make sure that the base and the tray parts are cut square and accurately so the trays slide smoothly.

under kitchen sink storage shelves

Let’s Start with the Making

After you know what you should consider, the next is about how to build the under kitchen sink storage. The first one is that you need to measure the cabinet in an open position in order to construct the base for the lower pull-out trays. You need to measure it accurately. The next step is marking the base to locate the center and side partitions. In marking the base, you need to find the center of the base and then mark it for the center partitions. After that, you need to cut it. You also need to make sure to locate the center partition exactly in the middle of the base. That way you will be able to make the two trays exactly have the same size.

After that you need to screw the partitions to the base. Then the next thing to do is building the rays. After that you need to fasten the glides to the partitions and tray sides. Installing the base assembly is the next step to do. After that you need to make and install the upper trays. The last step is to seal the trays with polyurethane.


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