Grey Kitchen Worktops: Some Alternatives for You

Modern and contemporary style kitchen will love this. Grey kitchen worktops will never lose its charisma, even though there are many kitchen worktops with various colors nowadays. Moreover, various materials also support grey worktops and they can be adjusted with your budget.

Grey Kitchen Worktops from Natural Stones

Granite and quartz are the common natural stones that are used as worktops materials. Grey worktops that are made from granite have amazing pattern and also smooth texture. But you need to be careful, especially with stains that can influence the glossiness of their surface. You should wipe the stains directly in your grey worktops that are made from granite. After using them, it’s also recommended to polish your grey worktops with polishers that are specially made for granite surface.

Grey worktops that are made from quartz are more durable and stain-resistant. It can be known from their compositions and you should ask about it to the manufacturers when you buy your worktops for the first time. Different from granite, you don’t have to polish your grey worktops’ surface with polisher and you just need to use vinegar and water in microfiber cloth as cleaners for your grey worktops. Such method is more than just enough to make the stain become disappear and you can find that the surface of your worktops can be shining again as new.

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Grey Kitchen Worktops from Oak

Your range of options for grey kitchen worktops doesn’t stop on natural stones. Instead, there are also grey worktops that are made from wooden materials, especially oak worktops. Ah, yes, since we are talking about oak wood here, you can really let your expectation go high. You must have known how strong and durable the oak wood is, and thus, you should also expect that the worktops made of oak can be so great too. The appearance of grey worktops from oak is very unique and classy. The unique patterns from oak itself are simple yet arranged in tidy order that will add character into your kitchen. Many people don’t like to choose wooden worktops because of their complicated maintenance. But, actually, you just need to be discipline on taking care of them. There are many cleaners and polishers that are made particularly for wooden worktops. Meanwhile, it’s also recommended to have your oak worktops sealed to secure the structure above them. Regular maintenance will avoid you from mold and water stains that often can be blamed as main problems on oak worktops.


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