Glass Table Top: Modern and Maintenance Friendly for Modern Home

What kind of table tops that works for almost every room and fit in almost all designs? Would it be possible to invest to an interior element that can last longer even in changes of interior trends? Whether you live in a studio apartment or conventional home, glass kitchen tables fit in very well. Besides its modern effect, glass tables give cleanliness and effectiveness in the house. Placing a glass table top in the livingroom, for example, will make the room more spacious and fine. This choice is also easy to clean and maintain. With proper maintenance, a glass kitchen table can last longer. Good news is that glass tops can fit well with many furniture concept such as contemporary, traditional, modern and even rustic.


Advantages of Glass Tables

Investing in glass kitchen tables is a smart decision especially regarding furniture made of wood. Wood and glass is perfect match. The beauty of wood texture, ornaments and colours is revealed well when it is covered with glass top. The clean and see through glass can expose the natural elegance of wood. In addition to that, glass top will be able to protect the wood from scratches. In fancy concept of wood furniture, such as antique dresser and side table, glass top selection will highlight the elegance of an antique piece. Variations in glass top designs come from crystal clear glass to darker versions with various weights to choose. The basic maintenance is pretty much the same. Placing a glass top table at home will bring modernity while using it in the office will enhance effectiveness of the room. There are, however, some notes in using this element and it will be discussed in the following section.

glass kitchen tables and chairs 

Glass Table Tops Notes

What could glass top tables be possible risky of? It may not come across in your mind if what you are looking for is a piece of furniture for an office or an element for your home if no kids are running around. The only risk that will need serious attention in using glass tables is the possibility that a child runs or does whatever activities in the room then bump into it. Accidents happen and that should be anticipated if little children are in the house. Select carefully which room is safe from children. This is a win-win solution. However, if placing a glass top in inevitable due to its feature, it is probably considerable to set the height above your kids. This is of course to lower the risks of bumps.



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