Freshen Up Your Kitchen: Why Not Turning It Turquoise?

Are you fond of soothing, cooling, calming colors like blue? Some people might only be willing to apply accents of blue just for certain rooms such as bedroom or playroom. It seems that the people do not really have the courage to use such color to the other rooms because they do not feel like the color is suitable. Blue, sometimes, is considered too calming for other rooms like living room or kitchen which generally need brighter and more cheerful colors. Even though blue and purple look modern, not everyone is confident integrating this tone to their kitchen. If you are looking for inspiration of blue, why do not turn to turquoise kitchen decor instead? Coming between blue and green, it certainly combines calmness and peacefulness of blue with freshness of green. Ah, yes, now you can have the alternative to make sure that blue can become the part of your other rooms. Check out more about how this color can be great.

Modern and Cooling

The concept of modern kitchen is usually simple, functional and comfortable. Effectiveness and efficiency of the design are highlighted with putting only necessary tools or equipments. For home owners who love cleanliness and efficient use of space, turquoise kitchen decor fits pretty well since it can serve as small accents in the details or providing overall elements that make kitchen look fantastic and efficient. Throw away the picture that you will need to color all walls and cabinet in turquoise color. By doing this, you can find that the room can feel much bigger and wider since there is barely any accessories you put on the wall. But, you should also know that the bigger atmosphere is in the positive value since it’s far away from being dull. While this idea is indeed possible, modern touch offers something more flexible in design. You may retain the existing color as long as it matches turquoise.

turquoise kitchen decor ideas

Charming Details

Freshening up the kitchen with turquoise color, small kitchen can play with some details such as placing a fridge in turquoise as the center. Repainting the window frame in similar color will also create an instant charm of modernity and freshness. Color accents on the window frame and door are the easiest tricks a home owner can do to renew the kitchen look. If you have an extra budget, it is also possible to readjust the table top or kitchen cabinet in turquoise while keeping the rest in white or broken white. The contrasting colors suit both small and large kitchen.


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