Fleur De Lis for Your Kitchen

Fleur de lis symbol has become well known as part of kitchen décor. It will be very impressive if you can combine the symbol with the other elements in your kitchen, including the major theme of your kitchen. Many people think fleur de lis kitchen décor is only suitable for kitchen with classic and contemporary theme. However, if you know how to combine it well, fleur de lis symbol will make your kitchen to be stronger because of its characteristic.

Attention for Fleur De Lis

There are many ways to apply fleur de lis symbol into your kitchen. And backsplash is one of them. You can use finished product of fleur de lis symbol for an easy solution. Furthermore, you also can use fleur de lis symbol formed by mosaics, usually it comes in a huge size. If you want to make your fleur de lis symbol as the main attention in your kitchen, then applying it into your backsplash will be a great idea. Because it’s the main attraction, you should put it under a spotlight by adding dark or light color, using lamp above or under the symbol, or making the area around the symbol as the supporter for it. In order to balance the symbol, you can add frame made by ceramic or porcelain surrounds the symbol or you can spread smaller sized fleur de lis in certain areas throughout the backsplash. In order to avoid the sense of heavy and too much in your kitchen, just put the burden on certain areas in your kitchen. For example, if your fleur de lis symbol is already thick and dark-colored, then you should paint the kitchen cabinets with softer color. Balance is needed in your kitchen and too many dark-colored elements will make your kitchen lifeless.

Fleur de lis kitchen décor can also be implemented to drop lights, oven hood, and even wallpaper. Smaller size of fleur de lis symbol can be implemented into your kitchen through some decorations, such as plates, jars, back part of the chair, candle holder, and also in your glass with transparent texture. Adding little bit fleur de lis symbol in your kitchen will make it become classier and elegant. But if you add this symbol in your modern kitchen, the balance will happen.

fleur de lis wall decor

The Meaning

There are many versions related with fleur de lis’ meaning. Sometimes fleur de lis is written as fleur de lys. This symbol has connection with French monarchy and each petal on it represents its own meaning. Moreover, many people think that fleur de lis is another version of Iris pseudacorus. Besides becoming one of well known decorations, this symbol has been used in military, sports, education, music, and literature.


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