Fat French Chef in Your Kitchen Decor

Decorating a kitchen always becomes an interesting activity since you ca put and apply anything that is attractive to you. This time, we will give you one particular idea if you are planning to dress up your lovely kitchen. If you hear about chef-themed kitchen, what is in your mind? It is not about decorating your kitchen as classy as where the chef works. Otherwise, it is about decorating your kitchen by putting Fat French Chef figure which is attractive and interesting. Let us find out some ideas on kitchen chef decor you can apply.

Fat French Chef Spoon and Fork

You must use spoon and fork while you are eating, right? Why don’t you try to use Fat French Chef spoon and fork to accompany you when eating? These stainless steel stuffs are decorative and surely unique. You can use it either when you eat salad or serve the dishes.

Fat French Chef Wall Hookers

Complete your kitchen with these wall hookers. Besides the unique appearance, you also need to mind its functionality. The Fat French Chef figure is made of polyresin and surely high quality. By having these attractive wall hookers, you can hang anything such as towel, cutlery, or even cups and reach it immediately.

Fat French Chef Kitchen Wall Art

Another kitchen chef decor is by presenting Fat French Chef Wall Art. It is totally perfect to be displayed in your kitchen walls as a part of the whole decoration. For the materials and background colors, you might choose the ones that fit your kitchen design and concept.

Fat French Chef Table Mats

It is also a good idea to put Fat French Table Mats in your kitchen or dining table. It is not only functional to protect your table from any stains, It will also help your table whose materials are vulnerable to heat. Besides, it will also catch your guests’ attention.

happy chef kitchen decor

Fat French Chef Cushion Chair

You can also present Fat French Cafe in your chair through the cushion. It will not only make you feel comfortable sitting in your chair while waiting for your cooking, but also add the sense of attractiveness and cheerfulness.

Fat French Chef Statue

If you run into difficulty to find those stuffs, simply put the statue in your kitchen. If you want something more unique, you can look for the menu board instead. Present the chef in your dining table and let him show you what you’re going to eat.


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