Fat Chef Kitchen Décor for Artistic and Fun Kitchen

There are many ways you can follow to decorate your kitchen. A good and recommended way you can try is by involving fat chef kitchen décor. Fat chef is an iconic character which depicts a figure of fat but friendly French cook. Therefore, most of fat chef decorations can be found in European restaurants.

Fat Chef Counter Decoration

Fat chef decoration is very versatile since it comes in plenty models and styles. The first kitchen decoration idea you can apply is fat chef counter decoration. Kitchen counter is the right place where you can install fat chef decoration. There are some counter decorating pieces you can pick. They are fat chef sugar and salt pots, fat chef standing clock, fat chef kitchen standing menu chalkboard. Installing some of those fat chef decorations will make your kitchen more playful. And what will you get from such playful kitchen design? It will be more fun for you to spend the time in the kitchen. And sometimes, those decorations come with additional functions like the sugar and salt pots. In addition to the fact that the pots will add some accent to the decoration, you can also find it easier to grab the sugar and the salt. It’s brilliant!

fat chef kitchen accessories

Fat Chef Wall Art Decoration

The next fat chef kitchen décor idea involves fat chef wall art. Speaking of wall art, it is necessary for you not to involve so many wall art decorations in your kitchen unless your kitchen will look very crowded. If you have been involving fat chef counter decoration, you can choose simple piece of fat chef wall art decoration. Fat chef hanger is good choice. You can make use of it to hang your cooking mittens and aprons. Besides, you can also install “Bon Appetit” fat chef wall plaque.

Fat Chef Dining Table Decoration

Another kitchen decoration idea involving fat chef character is fat chef dining table decoration. Adding a touch of fat chef character in your dining table will make your dining table more fun and homey. Sugar and cream pots, table statue and table cloth are good fat chef decorations for your kitchen. Don’t you think it will raise your appetite?

Involving the friendly character of fat chef in your kitchen decoration can improve the image of your kitchen. This kind of decoration is basically designed for European kitchen. Considering that, the decoration ideas will fit very well to both your Italian and French kitchens.


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