Enjoy the Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Worktops

There’s always a high demand for quartz kitchen worktops or engineered stone. Quartz is consisted from 93% quartz and 7% resin binders and pigments. Those combinations will add more advantages to quartz. When granite has unique pattern and also durability, quartz has its own particular benefits that are suitable for people whom are looking for the strength of every element in their kitchen.


Quartz kitchen worktops have many advantages. First, quartz is considered as one of the hardest minerals. But not all people know that quartz that is used for kitchen materials is even more durable than natural quartz. It’s because of manufacturers who combine quartz with other components to improve the quality from the quartz itself. And because quartz is mixed with resin, it makes them have more consistency and color.

Second, many people who use stainless steel kitchen worktops worry about them being scratched. But if you use quartz worktops, instead you should feel worry that your knife will be damaged by the hard texture of the quartz. Yes, this kind of finishing is really strong and there is no way for your knife to even leave a mark on it unless you are using chainsaw to slice the vegetables and fruits there.

Third, different from granite, quartz is non-porous material. It means it’s tied together with certain polymers. And these polymers are also stain-resistant. And if your quartz worktops are sealed, then it’s more stain-resistant than non-sealed quartz worktops. The non-porous material also gives another advantage for quartz. It makes it resistant from bacteria and molds that could harm your food. As the result, it’s safe for you to roll the pastry or knead the dough above the quartz worktops.

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Maintenance Process

Similar with granite and other kitchen worktops, there are things that you need to do to keep your quartz worktops’ amazing appearance. First, even though it’s durable and made from strong compositions, it doesn’t mean that you can mistreat your quartz worktops. It will break if you put heavy objects above its surface directly.

Second, even though it’s stain-resistant, it doesn’t mean you can spill or pour water on their surface without cleaning it up. It’s important to wipe the stains directly because dried stains will damage their appearance. You can use particular cleaners that are supposedly produced for quartz, but you also can use warm water and vinegar. Unlike granite, you don’t need to polish your quartz worktops as often as possible after using them.


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