Do Wooden Kitchen Worktops Always Demand Troublesome Maintenance?

Adorable look might be the main reason for you to choose wooden kitchen worktops. The wooden surface for you to work on when you are in the kitchen can surely capture the attention and yes, it is also the highlight of your kitchen. In case you can really get such worktops, you will find it so exciting and pleasuring whenever you are in the kitchen. Even if you are not cooking there, to enjoy the atmosphere of the kitchen is already good enough for you.

coated wooden kitchen worktops

And, believe it or not, thanks to such eye-catching worktops, many people believe that their cooking is improving. Perhaps, it’s because of the great atmosphere of the kitchen and thus, the quality of the cooking also gets better.

But, well, you are faced to the belief that to have wooden things at home usually demands great maintenance. And it should also happen to the wooden worktops of your kitchen. Poof… there goes the desire to get the wooden worktops.

Pay Attention to the Finishing

Well, before you can really decide that to get wooden worktops for kitchen is something you should do since it will make you troubled by its maintenance and some big sum of money you must spend to deal with the treatment, let’s figure it out. Is the maintenance really that troublesome? Well, you must know that basically the answer can be true or false. It depends on the finishing of the worktops.

To have wooden worktops for kitchen is actually a good choice for sure. There is no doubt about it. But, still, you must pay attention to the finishing because it will determine the trouble related to the maintenance. There is a kind of wooden worktops in which the finishing is done in coated way. This kind of worktops costs quite so much but well, you can find that the coating really is worth it. You only need to apply some rubbing on the surface by using cleaning soap or something like that. And voila, the surface will be shining again.

Make Your Choice

wooden kitchen worktopsHowever, if what you get is finished with regular varnish, there will be some time for you to re-furnish the worktops. And you should do it frequently since there might be some stains which will ruin the whole appearance of your wooden kitchen worktops. So, there goes another choice for you to make. Will you be willing to spend more money to get the coated wooden worktops for your kitchen or you simply want to get the ordinary furnished one.

For your information, both might have the same charming look in the beginning. But after a while, let’s say four or five years, you’ll find that the furnished worktops might look a little shabby. And yes, at certain point, you’ll also find that there is no way for you to re-furnish the surface because it cannot be helped anymore. In other words, it’s totally better to get the coated one since it will be more durable and the look is more long-lasting although you need to spend more money. But, hey, don’t you think it’s a kind of investment?


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