Display Your Wine Bottle Collection as Kitchen Decoration

Are you fond of wine and inspired by its various rich taste? Wine experience in many cultures is seen as more than just a part of life it is an art that requires precision, patience and passion. People who can appreciate wine usually will respect the design of its packaging as well. If you happen to be one of these people, consider to display and show off your collection as a kitchen decoration. The idea of wine decor for kitchen is perfect for homeowners who do not possess wine cellar or proper storage to place the collections. It also suits those who often welcome guests for a glass or two of great wines in the evening.

How to Place the Bottles

Wine and bottles collections are often associated with something classy and expensive. However, when it comes to design, price is not everything. What matters is the selection made to the bottles (in case it takes too long to collect and you decide to hunt for them). Keep in mind how these bottles are going to be placed. It is possible to install it artistically like a chandelier, installing them to the walls as backsplash or simply arranging them under the kitchen table with some fancy storage design will make your kitchen look unique and different. To incorporate these bottles into a kitchen design, it is very significant to highlight the beauty or the bottles without making them look too much. Take for an example, making a design of a wine center piece. The main principle is beauty in simplicity. It should not be a symbol of status or how much investment one can put in it. Instead, it is about revitalizing unused, empty, beautiful pieces of bottles into a work of art.

 wine decor for kitchen decor

Bottles Selection and Design

The inspiration of wine decor for kitchen is basically based on the quality of the bottles themselves. It does not have to be the most expensive collection. Turning something invaluable into more valuable is actually much more challenging rather than just a bold display of expensive bottles. In order to get the right, desired effects, it might be a good idea to collect certain bottles if what you wish to design is an Italian or French atmosphere in the kitchen. In addition to that, design of wine bottles storage is also another element to consider. Look for unique themes like wooden, cottage look, or rusty touch for more a more personalized kitchen. For a more eccentric touch, you can always work with an artist to turn wine bottles into a lighting installation for your kitchen.


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