Different Types of Kitchen Worktops

Nowadays, types of kitchen worktops have developed. They’re not only consisted from wood, granite, laminate and quartz. However, kitchen worktops types also can be from stainless steel and glass. Moreover, there are also tips on choosing the best kitchen worktops for you.

Types of Kitchen Worktops

Stainless steel is one of types that are often used as kitchen worktops. It’s hard to resist its modern and sleek look, especially if you want your kitchen to look sophisticated. Moreover, stainless steel will look great for contemporary kitchen, especially if you mix it with other kitchen furniture to make the stainless steel looks softer. Stainless steel kitchen worktops have many benefits, such as maintenance, flexibility, and strength. Different from other kitchen worktops types that require you to use water or cleaners, you can just use baby oil to make your stainless steel worktops glossier. In addition, stainless steel is also a durable, waterproof, and heat and acid resistant. This will look best for area near the sink.

You’ll get sense of spacious kitchen from glass kitchen worktops. Their reflective and glossy are additional points for glass, but sometimes this material is only suitable for certain types of kitchen. Despite their limited use, glass kitchen worktops are not as vulnerable as you think. Many manufacturers already toughened their glass worktops. Moreover, these types of worktops are also heat, water, and acid resistant. Regular maintenance should be done for glass worktops, such as wiping the stain directly for preventing dried stain in the surface. However, please take not that even the toughened glass like the tempered glass for the worktops of the kitchen is still vulnerable to scratch. Therefore, you should be careful in using your knife if you are using the worktops or you might leave some “marks” there which can ruin its appearance.

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Tips on Choosing Kitchen Worktops

Types of kitchen worktops are depending on your needs. If you have kids, glass kitchen worktops may not be suitable for you, especially because it requires regular maintenance. Moreover, your cooking activities will be more comfortable if you have heat-resistant materials as your kitchen worktops, such as granite, quartz, or stainless steel. So it’s possible for you to put the hot pans onto the top of worktops. Finally, if you pay attention to the hygiene aspect, stainless steel and quartz may be the best. Stainless steel is vulnerable with the scratch, but quartz is non-porous so it’s strong enough to hold scratch and bacteria.


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