Designing a Cafe-Themed Kitchen

Decorating a kitchen might be an exciting activity when you just move to a new house. Some might find it frustrating since there are a lot of considerations before deciding the concept of a kitchen. There are a lot of concepts you might want to apply: minimalist-modern, classic, or wooden kitchen, and many others. If you want to try something unique and different, why don’t you apply a cafe kitchen decor? It will be surely stunning if you can make it come true. All you need to do is working on some tips below.

Color Choice

The first thing you need to do is selecting the color. It is important because later it will determine what color fixture you need to purchase. The most common one is brown. However, it is up to you if you want to apply different one such as black and white kitchen decoration.

Selecting the Fixtures

After selecting certain color, it is time to shop for the fixtures. A cafe-themed kitchen is identical to the use of several chairs. Therefore, choose the one which is comfortable and soft so you can spend hours sitting there. A cafe or bar mostly uses circular table facing straight to the cooking area. It seems like you are ordering something. It is sometimes in a one package with the whole kitchen set. If you want to use a separate table, that is also fine. Make sure that the table and the benches are suitable either in design or color.

cafe kitchen accessories

Cafe-Themed Ornaments

Your kitchen will not look like a cafe if you do not put any cafe-themed stuff. First, you can take advantage of the use of wallpaper. Vintage wallpapers are recommended since most cafes are designed in the similar way. If you like drinking coffee in your favorite cafe, put some wallpapers or wall stickers with a cup of coffee in it or the menus. You can also use vintage cutlery or dishes to strengthen the theme.


The typical of a cafe is the use of not-too-bright lighting. You can also apply the same concept for your cafe kitchen decor. You might apply pendant lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, or even chandelier. There are still numerous designs of a lamp you can explore. It is also recommended to come and take a look at some cafes to give you more inspiration on other elements to create your best cafe kitchen.


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