Decorating Kitchen Table in Impressive Way

Do you want to impress your guests? Making them fascinated with your kitchen table décor is one of the ways. Well, you can show your creativity and personality on your kitchen table. However, these are unspoken rules that you should obey. If you don’t do it, you only will make your guests uncomfortable. In addition, kitchen table decoration is not only limited with flowers. Yes, they are nice and they can beautify your kitchen table instantly – with just putting them into a vase, but there are also simple ways of decorating kitchen table without using flowers. But, if you still want to use flowers, don’t make it boring and cliché.


Decorating Tips

There are many opinions about the purposes of kitchen table décor. Other people see the purpose from its appearance, meanwhile other people believe the decoration is for showing your guests how welcome and warm your kitchen table is. That’s why when you decide to use something to décor your kitchen table, make sure that it doesn’t limit your guests’ sights. The height of your decoration shouldn’t more than 12 inches, with the width is between 18 inches (for small table) and 18-24 inches (for large table). If you exceed these limits, it’s very hard to see your guests and talk with them – the same thing also happens to your guests.

Another decorating tip is being total. If you want to make your kitchen table to be simple, then don’t add too many decorations. On the other hand, if you want to impress your guests with festive or colorful decorations, then execute it well. You can put one decoration as the main attraction for your guests’ attention. However, it’s also great to have more than one main attraction; such as flower that is surrounded by candles, built-in garden in the middle of your kitchen table, and many more.

Table Decorating Ideas

Decoration Ideas

One of the simplest ways to décor your kitchen table is by arranging your eating equipment. It’s including how you locate the forks, spoons, plates, and glasses. The position is: Plate in the middle, knife in the right of the plate, while fork is on the left of the plate, glass on the upper right of the plate, and napkin is above the plate. In addition, the amount of eating equipment that you’re using influences the appearance of your kitchen table – the more the merrier. But make sure that all of them are useful and will be used by your guests. Using one or two colors is fine. It’s useful if you don’t have much time to decorate your kitchen table.

These are choices for making your kitchen table as festive as possible, but still look great. Candles are great, especially when they’re lighted. You can put them inside small cages. Empty bottles are great too, but make sure they’re already clean and consisted from different colors. Flowers are classic, you should put them in unique vases and play with their colors.



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