Cute and Chic Apartment Compact Kitchen Tips

Have you been dreaming of living in a house in the suburb with a spacious backyard for gardening and placing tea table in a warm, sunny afternoon? Yet, perhaps you will need to put that aside for more years to come and be happy living in an apartment with a compact bedroom, living room and kitchen. That is, however, a luxury you can get if a surviving place can turn into a comfortable space to live in. The inconvenience may come when it comes to do chores and some routine activities in the apartment. Having a limited kitchen may be quite challenging if you throw a party of host a family or firned gathering. Various options of small apartment kitchen ideas, however, are available to look and pick provided that you wish to renew or reorganize the kitchen to make it look roomy, effective and stylish.

Smart Design

The only key success in turning a limited kitchen into a nice space is by applying a smart design. Smart here refers to the optimum use of the space to accommodate kitchen ware and other equipments while saving enough space for the kitchen users to move around doing the tasks. Basically, two approaches can be used, making it from zero or modifying an existing kitchen. The benefits of planning and designing it from scratch is space usage can be made as natural as possible since it will integrate with overall apartment design. However, it does not mean that making some modifications to an existing kitchen is impossible to do. It may require more plans and creativity, but much friendlier in terms of budget. An easy thing to do to create a visual spacious effect is by placing mirrors to reflect the surface of the kitchen walls. In addition to that, innovative table such as a counter bar that can be folded will be a great idea. You can always open and use it when needed, or fold it when not necessary.

 small apartment kitchen design ideas

Integrated Storage

Another principle of small apartment kitchen ideas success is integrating hidden and multiple storage well. If it is not possible to include a cabinet in the kitchen, try to locate them in the kitchen backsplash, insert in under the table and install storage vertically on the corner. Placing open shelves may create a visual illusion of a roomy kitchen. Here, you can display collection of spices, coffee, tea, honey, etc. with unique and cute designs. Storage can function as a decoration as well. Be effective with kitchen lighting. It is very important not to use anything too much, like hanging chandelier in a small kitchen. Apply minimalist and futuristic design that usually has a simpler design.


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